Cookie Policy

Definition of Cookies

In terms of, a cookie means a minuscule text file that includes a line of characters that identify the source that the user utilises to connect to the service. For each source (computers or mobile devices) that a user logs in, a unique cookie is asked for and sent by the user after approval.

Cookies make it possible for a website to collect data from acknowledging if a device visited Bitcoin Digital or relevant services ever before. Cookies are also a means to observe how the website or the services are being utilised, how to make the service more effective, thus enhancing your experience by improving functionality.

Types of cookies that Bitcoin Digital uses are separated into three as listed below

1. Obligatory (Essential) Cookies.

These cookies are fundamental. They make it possible for the user to wander around the website; they begin to show as soon as logging into your secure account.

2. Functionality Cookies

These cookies help the Company keep the data of how the user is logged in, what services the user utilised before each logout and line up each part of the website by clicking popularity.

3. Performance-Related Cookies

This type of cookies aims to improve the user’s overall experience by collecting data on how many times a user logged in, how fast and effectively a user reaches the website’s content and how users respond to experimental features of the website and its services.

First-Party Cookies

First party cookies represent only’s own. They are used to activate features of bitcoin-digital.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies that mean a group of cookies coming to Bitcoin Digital from another application, website or service. They make it possible for the Company to evaluate how Bitcoin Digital is viewed outside by containing information from our business partners via online advertisements.

The Company is obligated to ensure the full security of its users from any attempt of identity theft coming from unauthorised third party users.

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