Privacy Policy

The Company is obligated to ensure the protection of users’ personal information, including the information provided by its users as the relevant laws put forth. The Company should stand by its Privacy Policy besides the applicable laws and regulations designated to keep and process user information. Another factor to pay attention to is that third-party applications and websites have their privacy policies, and has no connection.

Changes on the Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to alter its Privacy Policy once a change happens in the laws regarding its services.

As any modification or deletion happens, the Company will inform its users via e-mail or the built-in news feed of the website if that is found necessary.

User’s Incumbency to Manage Their Info

Under the user’s accountability to manage their e-mail addresses and passwords and provide privacy from third-party applications and websites.

The Company can not be held responsible for any user-related damage or loss when the users do not provide the Company with the correct information or not safeguard their account information.

If the user suspects or detects any identity theft, the user must change the password and send feedback to the Company. You may do this via the link without waiting.

The Company shall not be held responsible for any loss caused by identity theft sourcing from the user’s negligence.

Notifications and News

The Company is responsible for informing the user via e-mail or any other contact address provided by the user.

The Company is to use the website’s bulletin board for any public announcement.


The Company ought to secure all its users from unauthorised access, intervention and deletion of any information.

Password is required to grant access to the user’s profile, including sensitive data as the user’s crypto account information.

Regardless, the information that the user chooses to emit is not guaranteed as a matter of the fact that no network connection is proven to serve complete protection.

Henceforth, the information has a probability of being accessed, corrupted, altered, or deleted.

User’s Rights

Every Bitcoin Digital user has the rights listed below.

1. The Right To Receive Information

Before obtaining and processing personal information, Bitcoin Digital will provide all the necessary information regarding the legal issues and ask for approval.

2. The Right To View and Correct

Any user can view or correct personal information at any given moment through account settings.

3. The Right To Cancel

Any user has the right to cancel their membership of the services or their account itself.

4. The Right To Object

Any user who resides in the EU can oppose privacy policy supervision by raising a complaint.

Termination of Agreement and Usage Restrictions

When a user decides to end his/her membership of, they may delete their account and cancel their membership at any time following the procedures that the Company defines.

Suppose a new member accepts the user agreement and creates an account but doesn’t retrieve the Bitcoin Digital confirmation e-mail. In that case, the Company may restrict or deter user’s use of the service, which might cause the user to lose their membership completely.

In the event of a cancellation and thus termination of the service, all the remaining data regarding user information shall be terminated simultaneously. Hence, users are responsible for losing personal information or content after deleting their account and ending their membership.

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