Fast Growing Authority in the world of Cryptocurrency Trading!

After witnessing the 2017 cryptocurrency boom, the 2018 cryptocurrency crash, Bitcoin’s $60,000 mark, we have finally decided to create a community named Bitcoin Digital, for traders like you.

The cryptocurrency market is new for a lot of traders. It can be exciting and scary at the same time. You see the market booming but maybe your not sure to get in or not.

A lot of traders lost money in the Cryptocurrency markets…

And there are a lot of ‘getting rich fast’ schemes out there.

Here at Bitcoin Digital we find it pitiful to see an asset that is safe, secure, and potentially profitable, turning into something that is thought to be a fraud.

And that’s why we started the Bitcoin Digital platform.

We are here to help people to get back their confidence and make their first steps in the world of Bitcoin. We’re reaching out to traders from all kind of background to start their trading journey with us.

That’s why we created this community! We share our knowledge on how we succeed in crypto trading and help you overcome all the obstacles that you may find in your trading journey.

Our Team

What you Can Get from a Team Like Ours!

1) Premium Services

We work with the ablest brokers in town that offer traders great customer services, in terms of giving accurate and up-to-date data, recommending trading possibilities, and providing solutions to minimising risks.

2) Tailor-Made Brokerage Services

We believe that your time is precious and we want you to have the right broker that can fit into your needs while you trade.

So, instead of introducing every single broker we work with to you, we will only qualify brokers that suit your needs and requirements.

This way you will save your time and energy from choosing all the different types of brokers we work with, or we don’t work with, and still get the brokerage services that you are looking for.

3) Trading tools & real-time market information

For some traders, a wide variety of trading tools and real-time information is a need before placing a trade, even with the broker’s advice.

Our partners developed apps for traders who join us, where you can access market information in real-time with our wide variety of trading tools (ATR, MA, Trendlines, …) and place orders instantly with your phone.

Note: Everything in this app, from real-time graphs to all the trading tools you can use… everything inside is without costs.

4) 24/7 Support from Our Partner Brokers

Even though there are different types of brokers working with us, all of them are providing 24/7 support to every trader. Because whether you’re an expert or a beginner, there will be times when you face ‘special’ issues while trading. Thus, this is when you will be able to contact our brokers anytime & anywhere to get everything solved.

5) User-friendly Interface

We make everything easy, safe, and beginner-friendly to the users on our platform. Because when you earn money from us, you want to earn it easily, with no complicated settings – and this is exactly what we do.

6) Transparent

The brokers that we work with have 0% hidden costs, and we will give you what you’ve earned while trading with us – because you deserve it! Any information we get from you, will not be disclosed to anyone without your permission. We make it clear what we request from you so that there are no hidden meanings behind every word – only straight-forward requests.

Our Vision

We share a common vision with our users from all over the world: a new financial order where we all have equal learning and trading opportunities; a place where our safety and opinions matter!

Just imagine an equal world! And now open your eyes and see that with crypto trading, your dream is not a dream but a reality.

Just read about this amazing example:

Kingsley Advani, for instance, was in his 20s when he made a fortune: “I think at no point in human history have people in their 20s had such an opportunity to invest in such high-growth assets. Its like a rebellion against traditional finance… So unlike banks, its faster, cheaper, and more secure.”

The world is yours for the taking. Take a bet and start trading Bitcoin today!