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How to get started in 3 simple steps

What you Can Get from a Team Like Ours!

1) Premium Services

We work with the ablest brokers in town that offer traders great customer services, in terms of giving accurate and up-to-date data, recommending trading possibilities, and providing solutions to minimising risks.

2) Tailor-Made Brokerage Services

We believe that your time is precious and we want you to have the right broker that can fit into your needs while you trade.

So, instead of introducing every single broker we work with to you, we will only qualify brokers that suit your needs and requirements.

This way you will save your time and energy from choosing all the different types of brokers we work with, or we don’t work with, and still get the brokerage services that you are looking for.

3) Trading tools & real-time market information

For some traders, a wide variety of trading tools and real-time information is a need before placing a trade, even with the broker’s advice.

Our partners developed apps for traders who join us, where you can access market information in real-time with our wide variety of trading tools (ATR, MA, Trendlines, …) and place orders instantly with your phone.

Note: Everything in this app, from real-time graphs to all the trading tools you can use… everything inside is without costs.

4) 24/7 Support from Our Partner Brokers

Even though there are different types of brokers working with us, all of them are providing 24/7 support to every trader. Because whether you’re an expert or a beginner, there will be times when you face ‘special’ issues while trading. Thus, this is when you will be able to contact our brokers anytime & anywhere to get everything solved.

5) User-friendly Interface

We make everything easy, safe, and beginner-friendly to the users on our platform. Because when you earn money from us, you want to earn it easily, with no complicated settings – and this is exactly what we do.

6) Transparent

The brokers that we work with have 0% hidden costs, and we will give you what you’ve earned while trading with us – because you deserve it! Any information we get from you, will not be disclosed to anyone without your permission. We make it clear what we request from you so that there are no hidden meanings behind every word – only straight-forward requests.

Tip #2 Set Profit Targets and Stop Loss

In any trade, you will either end up winning or losing. If youre new to this, this may stop you from trading but if you look on, youll see how you can still earn a profit, even when you lose.

Win Big, Win Small, Lose Small; but never Lose Big. This is the Golden Rule of trading in any market.

For example, you lose small ($1), then you win small ($1), in the end, youll break even. If you lose small ($1), then win big ($5), youll make ($4) of profit.

So, how do you lose but still earn a decent profit? With Profit Targets and Stop Loss Orders. Not every broker has this feature despite it being so important for every trader, thats why we recommend you to do your research for traders before you start trading.

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Tip #3 Super Tip (Set a Target)

Right before you start placing a trade, this is a must!

Even though many experienced traders know this, the emotion of greed stops them from becoming better.

You first calculate how many percent you want to make for this trade, then stick to it. Once you meet your profit target, tell your broker to get it out for you right away.

Some brokers now have an easy-to-use user interface so that traders wont have to call the broker to get out of a trade, this saves people a lot of time and increases opportunity when it comes to earning profit.

Is this the best time to start trading?

Nobody can predict the future, so we don’t know. What we do know is the cryptocurrency market is currently at its growing phase and, believe it or not, some experts believe that Bitcoin may hit new highs of over $100,000. More extreme experts give even more optimist predictions. Tom Fitzpatrick, for instance, once said: “Bitcoin will pass the $300,000.”

However, we dont want to get misguided by mere predictions. One thing is for sure, though: for some smart investors, Bitcoin has already become a gold mine. Dont miss your chances to take a bet and tame the volatility of the market!

Seize the moment, sign up now and start your crypto adventure today! Our partners offer fast services so you can see immediate results and access your finances in no time. With easy-to-navigate tools that offer an excellent user experience and around-the-clock support, we are here for you!

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Thats right! The financial landscape is changing, with cryptocurrencies having gained significant momentum. You know what? The crypto market is expected to reach $1,758 million by 2027, according to official data.