NiceHash adopts Lightning Network for Bitcoin payments

NiceHash, a cloud mining platform and hashpower marketplace, has recently integrated Lightning Network, a widely adopted scaling solution in the crypto payments sphere.

Leveraging one of the oldest and most robust Lightning nodes globally, holding 2.2% of the network’s total capacity, NiceHash now facilitates over 1,800 weekly payouts.

The platform’s marketplace connects miners with users seeking to mine specific cryptocurrencies. Lightning payouts streamline payments, enhance infrastructure, and improve the overall experience for both miners and users.

Vladimir Hozjan, CEO of NiceHash, remarked, “A few weeks after introducing Lightning payouts, it’s clear that our users are loving this feature. We’re proud to be one of the top supporters of the network both in terms of operating nodes, and now in terms of driving usage as well. Lightning lends itself very well to making small and regular payments, and we will be pushing adoption even more in the future.”

Since the introduction of Lightning mining payouts, users have actively embraced the feature, generating over 700 Lightning addresses weekly and receiving an average of 1,800 payouts. Additionally, the platform recorded 1,136 deposit transactions, reflecting a growing interest in Lightning network usage from both buyers and sellers.

Since establishing its node, NiceHash has processed over 350,000 Lightning transactions and facilitated more than 1,500 BTC in transaction volume.

While the private nature of the Lightning network prevents a precise transaction count, early comparisons suggest that NiceHash users are transacting nearly twice as much weekly compared to early figures from Kraken’s Lightning integration in 2022.

Looking forward, NiceHash intends to launch NiceHash Pay, a payment solution enabling merchants to accept Bitcoin via the Lightning Network, capitalizing on its extensive operational expertise.

Founded in 2014, NiceHash positions itself as the largest hashpower marketplace worldwide, boasting over 250,000 daily active miners and serving more than 1 million users across 190 countries. Acting as an intermediary between hashpower sellers and buyers, the platform plays a crucial role in the crypto mining ecosystem.


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